Coordinating with Persatuan Kebajikan I-Kasih Johor Bahru, to give and deliver monthly food provision (rice, cooking oil, canned food, oat, Milo, noodle and cookies etc) to 2 needy families.

Thank you very much for Persatuan Kebajikan I-Kasih Johor Bahru for continuing to provide the monthly food provision to assist these needy families.

Thank you very much for Uncle Fishy Entertainment for helping to distribute the food provision to the needy families.

Date: 24-08-2022 (Wed)

If you would like to know more about our charity social care projects or to participate together, please feel free to contact Mr Edward Leong (a.k.a Uncle Fishy de Clown)

HP / WhatsApp: 016-726-4785

Facebook: unclefishy2u

website: www.unclefishy.com

Company:  Uncle Fishy Entertainment

Published : 15-Sep-2022

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