GM & PKW 210921
GM & PKW 210921

Collaboration with GM Seafood Wholesales Supply & Pertubuhan Kebajikan Wawasan Johor Bahru of charity social care foodbank project to assist the poor & needy families in our community.

Thank you very much for "GM Seafood Wholesales Supply" for sponsoring around 70+ kg of fresh fishes...

Thank you very much for food bank project under "Pertubuhan Kebajikan Wawasan Johor Bahru"  for helping to collect and distribute the fishes, food & other grocery item to around 50+ poor & needy families in Kota Masai, Johor Jaya, Ulu Tiram, Cemerlang, Desa Jaya and Masa area; which some of them are single parents,  many families are jobless due to pandemic Covid-19 & movement control order.

Thank you very much for Uncle Fishy Entertainment for the coordination...

Thank you very much for Ms Qeeniew for referring us GM Seafood Wholesales Supply

Date: 21-09-21 (Tue)

If you would like to know more and participate together in our charity social care projects to assist the needy families & charitable shelter homes; especially during this challenging period due to pandemic Covid-19, movement control order and economic crisis, please feel free to contact

Mr Edward Leong (a.k.a Uncle Fishy de Clown)

HP / WhatsApp: +6016-726-4785


Facebook: unclefishy2u

Company: Uncle Fishy Entertainment

Your Sincerely

Edward Leong (a.k.a Uncle Fishy de Clown)

Uncle Fishy Entertainment

Published : 23-Sep-2021

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