Collaborating with Persatuan Kebajikan Meriah Johor Bahru, BIKA & Church of Good Shepherd on hospital care project for Covid-19 patients (parents & kids) at Pusat Kuarantin & Rawatan Covid-19 Berisiko Rendah (PKRC SRI DANGA).

9 cartoons of cookies, snacks, noodles, cup ckaee, Milo, Nescafe 3 in 1 coffee etc were  given to the parents & kids that stay at the ward of PKRC Sri Danga.

There are around 400 patients with low risk of Covid-19 (includes parents & kids) stay at this ward at this moment.

Some of the kids are not able to adapt well in the environment & food at the ward. Therefore, the staffs have proposed if public can contribute some cookies, snacks, instant cup noodle, 3 in 1 coffee, milo, pampers etc to the kids, so that they will be more happy and not so bored there .

Thank you very much for

1. Persatuan Kebajikan Meriah Johor Bahru for organising this charity care projects, helping in collecting & delivering the goods.

2. Thank you very much for BIKA & Church of Good Shepherd JB for sponsoring the goods

3. Uncle Fishy Entertainment that carrid out the coordination

4. Ms Gie that informed us of the need of the kids at the PKRC Sri Danga Ward.

If you would like to participate together in our charity social care projects, please feel free to contact Mr Edward Leong (a.k.a Uncle Fishy de Clown)

HP/ WhatsApp: +6016-726-4785


Facebook: unclefishy2u

Company: Uncle Fishy Entertainment 


Facebook: unclefishy2u

HP / WhatsApp: +6016-726-4785

Uncle Fishy Entertainment

Published : 12-Sep-2021

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