Collaboration with a charitable NGO on the food bank project to assist the needy families.

To provide and delivere some food &  grocery provision (rice, cooking oil, flour, milk, juice, noodle, canned food, cookies and detergent etc) to a family with 6 person include kids. Both parent are jobless due to pandemic Covid-19.

We have engaged the service from a Grab driver to deliver the food provision to the needy families,  so that we can support the Grab driver whose income is seriously affected too due to this pandemic Covid-19.

Thank you very much for the charitable NGO for the food & grocery provision.


Thank you very much for Uncle Fishy Entertainment for the coordination.

If you would like to know more or participate together with our charity social care projects, please feel free to contact

Mr Edward Leong (a.k.a Uncle Fishy de Clown):

HP / WhatsApp: +6016-726-4785


Facebook: unclefishy2u

Company:  Uncle Fishy Entertainment




Published : 10-Sep-2021

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